But I don’t have time to write… (part 2)

My last plan didn’t work so well. As anticipated, when life is already rocking and rolling in the morning, it’s difficult–nay, impossible–for me to buckle down and write, even when the opportunity presents itself.

But you’re only beat when you cease to try, try again.

My initial mistake was in shooting too high. Yes, 2000+ words a day (5000-10000 ideally) is the eventual goal. But when I’m just trying to get started and build the writing habit I need to start small. Rather than trying to block out two hours a day, start with five or ten minutes. Or simply require yourself to write a smaller amount, like one hundred words, two hundred words, or a couple sentences. The goal is simply to write consistently.

Along those lines, my new plan: write ten minutes, every night, right before bed. But, recognising that I have a strong dislike of missing out on bedtime with my wife (I’m a sentimental chap), here’s the twist: I’m going to write IN BED. I’ll grab my laptop, set it on a very dim setting so I don’t keep her or the baby awake, and write for at least ten minutes every night. This way I get to have my cake and it it too. I’m not alone in another room thinking how much I’d rather be in bed with her, and I’m also getting SOME writing done. And every day I write SOMETHING is a good day, a day I AM a writer.


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